What Can WordPress Plugins Do?

WordPress provides a convenient environment for bloggers to post their thoughts to the world. The added benefit is the reduction in headaches associated with trying one’s hand at web development. WordPress offers several default settings to bring nearly anybody online in little to no time, though many third-party developers offer plugins to customize the site and enhance the user experience without having to personally write any website scripts.

There are still several important tasks to accomplish before setting up the blog, like choosing a domain name, selecting a web hosting service, and possibly even hiring somebody to set up the site. While thinking about these options, being thinking about what this blog will contain. Then, begin searching for plugins based around the desired features of the finished website.

Several WordPress plugins are almost necessary to enhance the user experience from the beginning. For example, Jetpack by WordPress.com is designed to increase traffic, provide viewer stats, increase the speed of the blog site, and protect against hackers. BuddyPress offers community features for WordPress sites, and the Akismet plugin checks comments to help determine whether or not any are spam. The best part of using these plugins is that these website scripts have been written by other parties, and many undergo constant updates based on feedback from users.

When searching for WordPress plugins, be sure to search for more popular ones. Be sure to also check ratings left by other users. This is valuable feedback to protect others against downloading faulty plugins.